Download & fill out our application form

Application Tutorial

Application Tutorial

Application Form

Download the 2021 season application.

We are no longer accepting applications. If you are interested in detasseling, complete our contact form and we will be in touch if we can still accommodate you on one of our crews.


Print the Forms Correctly!

  • After you have filled out your application, print all pages, 1-sided, and staple together as one packet.
  • Do not print your forms double-sided.  All forms must be their own page!
  • Provide your signatures and parent signatures in all designates spots.

Employment Forms

Following the instructions above, complete all required paperwork and then attend a selected drive-thru drop-off date:

  • You will need to know your social security number to fill out the employment forms.
  • Along with your completed applications, you must bring your 2 required forms of ID to the drive-thru drop-off you choose to attend. Click here to view acceptable forms of ID.