Daily Updates

Daily Updates


July 1, 2020 

2020 SEASON:  Due to Covid-19, important safety precautions will be put in place this season to ensure the safety of all detasselers and supervisors. Click Covid-19 Guidelines to review the protocols. 

COVID PERMISSION FORM: If you attended a drive thru during the month of May, please click this Bayer Corvid Permission form and email to ailesdetasseling@gmail.com at your earliest convenience. This must be done before the season begins. 

SEASON START DATE: We are anticipating a start date of possibly between July 6 – 9th. Individual phone calls will be made by Ailes Detasseling staff to indicate a worker’s start date. Please be answering “unknown” numbers during this window as we will have multiple callers working to reach you to begin the season. No worker may show up to work without receiving this official phone call. 

PENS: Workers will need to initial themselves as present each day at work while traveling to the fields. It is recommended that each worker bring a pen to complete this task. Thanks for your help in keeping everyone safe.


During the season, working buses for the following day will be posted right here no later than 7pm nightly. 


Check right here on July 3rd or 4th for important information of how to opt into messaging to receive bus return times during the season.


ARE BROUGHT TO THE FIELD AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! WE DO OUR BEST TO VIGILATLY MONITOR OUR CREWS, BUT THE REALITY IS THAT WE CAN’T SEE AND HEAR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. AILES DETASSELING IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WORKER’S PERSONAL ITEMS. We will not delay our buses leaving a field in order for a worker to go search for a lost electronic device. Our suggestion is to put them in a ziplock bag and carry them in a SECURE pocket on your person at all times.


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