Daily Updates

Daily Updates


August 22, 2019 

2019 SEASON:  The 2019 detasseling season is officially over!! To all the workers that stepped foot on an Ailes Bus this summer, we sincerely thank you!  We hope to see you all back next summer.  Check our website in the spring of 2020 for application meeting dates.  Continue checking this page for updated paycheck information.    

All buses are finished for the 2019 season!

INCENTIVE PAYCHECKS:  Incentive paychecks, if earned, are determined by the blue “Incentive Pay Sheet” you received when you signed up back in the spring. MOST 1st year detasselers are not efficient enough to earn an incentive payment. That doesn’t mean all 2nd year workers and above will automatically earn an incentive payment either. Incentive paychecks, if earned, should arrive to mailboxes between August 24 – 26. If you do not receive this additional payment between August 24 – 26, then assume you did not qualify for an incentive payment. All incentive payments will come from Pioneer (regardless of which fields you spent the most time in during the season),

PIONEER PAY PERIODS:  Work one week and paid for that week at the end of the following week.

  •  July 8 – 14, paid on or around July 22nd
  •  July 15 – 21, paid on or around July 29th
  •  July 22 – 28, paid on or around August 5th
  •  July 29 – August 4, paid on or around August 12th
  •  August 5 – 11, paid on or around August 19th

MONSANTO (TA DET, INC) PAY PERIODS:  All hours worked in Monsanto fields will be paid by TA DET, INC. These checks must be cashed within 60 days or they are void!  Once the season begins, if you are certain that you worked a day, but do not see any hours or payment on your Pioneer checks, then that means you worked in a Monsanto (TA DET, INC) field on that day. As a general rule of thumb, buses 1 – 5 work predominantly in Monsanto fields and buses 6 – 9 work predominantly in Pioneer fields. However, depending on the day, there could be some cross over between fields.  Monsanto hours are paid every 2 weeks.  Generally two paychecks for Monsanto hours during a typical season. 

  • July 15 – July 28, paid on or around August 5th
  • July 29 – August 10, paid on or around August 21st

BUS RETURN TIMES:  An update for the 2020 season will be posted here when a new communication tool is selected to notify of return times.  

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: ARE BROUGHT TO THE FIELD AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! WE DO OUR BEST TO VIGILATLY MONITOR OUR CREWS, BUT THE REALITY IS THAT WE CAN’T SEE AND HEAR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. AILES DETASSELING IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WORKER’S PERSONAL ITEMS. We will not delay our buses leaving a field in order for a worker to go search for a lost electronic device. Our suggestion is to not bring electronic devices out to the field or put them in a ziplock bag and carry them in a SECURE pocket on your person at all times.


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