Daily Updates

Daily Updates


February 16, 2020 

2020 SEASON:  Signup meetings to apply for work for this upcoming summer will be posted around mid-March.  Please be checking the SIGNUP page for detailed information as the spring approaches.  

BUS RETURN TIMES:  An update for the 2020 season will be posted here when a new communication tool is selected to notify of return times.  

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: ARE BROUGHT TO THE FIELD AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! WE DO OUR BEST TO VIGILATLY MONITOR OUR CREWS, BUT THE REALITY IS THAT WE CAN’T SEE AND HEAR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. AILES DETASSELING IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WORKER’S PERSONAL ITEMS. We will not delay our buses leaving a field in order for a worker to go search for a lost electronic device. Our suggestion is to not bring electronic devices out to the field or put them in a ziplock bag and carry them in a SECURE pocket on your person at all times.


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