Daily Updates

Daily Updates


September 8th: 

SEASON UPDATE: The 2020 season is officially over!!! Thank you to all the hard working detasselers, crewleaders and bus drivers that helped make this season a success! Signups for the summer of 2021 will begin in April 2021. Check the signup page for information next spring.

INCENTIVE PAYCHECKS: Incentive checks will arrive between the window of September 4 – 12. Regardless of what fields you worked in most, incentive checks will come from Pioneer. However, there will be about 10 workers that receive their incentive check from Monsanto [TA DET, Inc]. You will not receive an incentive check from both companies. If you don’t receive a final check by September 12th, then assume you did not qualify for an incentive payment. Incentive paychecks, if earned, are determined by the blue “Incentive Pay Sheet” you received when you signed up back in the spring. MOST 1st year detasselers are not efficient enough to earn an incentive payment. That doesn’t mean all 2nd year workers and above automatically earn an incentive payment.

PAYCHECKS: Buses 1 – 5 work predominantly in Monsanto (TA DET, Inc) fields and Buses 6 – 8 work predominantly in Pioneer fields. Please remember you may have spent time working in either a Pioneer or Monsanto field. If you are certain you worked a day during a specific pay period, but do not see any hours or payment on your Pioneer check, then assume you worked in a Monsanto field (TA DET, Inc) on those days. Please do not lose paychecks! This is a hassle for both you and me to work through. It’s not a simple process to get another check issued to you and you will be delayed in receiving your money. DO NOT post photos of your paycheck on the social media – this has led to fraud in our accounts in the past. Thank you!

Monsanto (TA DET, Inc) (July 9 – 22) – Checks should be arriving to mailboxes July 31st or August 1st.

Monsanto (TA DET, Inc) (July 23 – August 5) – Checks will be mailed out on or around August 13th.

Pioneer (July 8 – 12) – Checks should arrive on or around July 18th.

Pioneer (July 13 – 19) – Checks should arrive on or around July 25th.

Pioneer (July 20 – 26) – Checks should arrive on or around August 1st.

Pioneer (July 27 – August 2) – Checks should arrive on or around August 8th.






To receive text notification of daily bus return times, text the keyword Detasseling2020 to 50597. You will receive a “welcome” text in response to know you have successfully opted in.


ARE BROUGHT TO THE FIELD AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! WE DO OUR BEST TO VIGILATLY MONITOR OUR CREWS, BUT THE REALITY IS THAT WE CAN’T SEE AND HEAR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. AILES DETASSELING IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WORKER’S PERSONAL ITEMS. We will not delay our buses leaving a field in order for a worker to go search for a lost electronic device. Our suggestion is to put them in a ziplock bag and carry them in a SECURE pocket on your person at all times.


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