This page updated daily during the detasseling season to inform workers

Working Buses

Working buses for August 3, 2021:

The 2021 season is officially over! Thank you for all your hard work. Have a great school year and we hope to see you all back next summer. Applications will begin April 2022

Other Info

August 8, 2021 at 11:37 PM:
Updated paycheck information has been posted down below.

Applications for the 2022 season will be posted on the website in April 2022.

Crew lists are now posted on the ‘Travel’ page View Travel Page

Please review the Bayer Detasseling Handbook. (See Below)


Please review this Bayer Detasseling Handbook prior to the season starting. On your 1st day of work, you will be required to sign off that you have reviewed this document.

Season Information 


  • The 2021 detasseling season officially starts on July 8th with the working buses posted up above. The season will begin very slowly and we will add buses as the fields come ready.
  • Locate your name on the crew lists that are posted on the “Travel” page. Then, be checking the “working buses” up above on a daily basis and report to work when you see your assigned bus is listed to work.
  • On the “Travel” page, under Detasseler Info, there are instructions to opt into text notification for bus return times. Updated crew information is also posted.
  • Workers must be wearing long pants and long sleeves at all times in the field.
  • Monsanto and Pioneer are both requiring the wearing of masks while traveling on buses this season.


  • The first pay period covers all working hours from 7/8 – 7/22. Hours were sent to payroll yesterday, 7/23, and checks begin arriving to mailboxes by Friday, July 30th.
  • The second pay period will cover all hours from 7/23 – 7/30. Checks should arrive to mailboxes no later than Tuesday, August 24th.
  • Incentive checks for completed rows, if earned, will be included with your second pay period check. Refer to the blue “Incentive Pay Sheet” you received when you submitted your application back in the spring.

Please do not lose paychecks! This is a hassle for both you and us to work through. It’s not a simple process to get another check issued to you and you will be delayed in receiving your money. DO NOT post photos of your paycheck on the social media – this has led to fraud in our accounts in the past. Specific pay dates and when you can expect to receive paychecks will be updated during the season Thank you!


Incentive checks will be included with your second pay period check . Incentive paychecks, if earned, are determined by the blue “Incentive Pay Sheet” you received when you signed up back in the spring. MOST 1st year detasselers are not efficient enough to earn an incentive payment. That does not mean all 2nd year workers and above automatically earn an incentive payment. If you do not receive an additional incentive amount included with your second pay period check, then you were not efficient enough at completing rows to earn an incentive payment.