Learn about our team and our values 

Owner & Operations Manager



Prior to operating the detasseling business, Tim had 30 years of management experience in the business world. He is currently enjoying retirement and still providing oversight to Ailes Detasseling.



Brent Ailes manages the field operations of Ailes Detasseling and is also Tim’s son. Brent worked as a 7th grade math teacher, a team leader and the Athletic Director at Goodrich Middle School for nine years in education.  After Goodrich, Brent was an Administrator at the Bryan Focus Program for three years. He then transitioned to an Associate Principal role at Lincoln Southeast High School for three years.  Currently, Brent is the Secondary Principal at Lincoln Christian School.

During college and prior to becoming athletic director, Brent coached middle school sports for 7 years. He started detasseling at age 16, learned about running the business, and is now the primary person in charge of the operation. Brent has a God given talent and a true passion to work with, encourage and motivate young adolescents.

In his professional career, Brent has completed his Master’s Degree in Secondary Administration and he has received a Gold Star Award for his approach to teaching and working effectively with students.

Brent is actively involved in his church and served as a youth sponsor for over 10 years. In his free time, Brent enjoys different sporting activities and spending time with his wife and 3 daughters.

Our Philosophy

Ailes Detasseling believes and realizes that our workers are the heart of our operation. Because of this, we treat our workers with respect and insist that they respect each other.

Experience has shown us that our workers respond and work to their fullest potential in a positive work environment. We diligently strive to maintain that environment for our crew members and we will not tolerate any activity or behavior that prevents us from accomplishing that goal.

Our aim is to make detasseling an enjoyable experience for our workers while at the same time striving to be a top detasseling team.


    Ailes Detasseling is a well-respected company in the seed corn industry and we are entering our 28th summer of providing a positive work environment for adolescent teens.  We manage our business on Christian principles, with main operations located in Lincoln, NE.

    In 1996, when we first began our detasseling endeavor we ran just one bus and employed approximately 40 adolescents. Since then, we have grown into one of the larger corn detasseling contractors in the Lincoln area, running as many as 12 buses and employing approximately 450 adolescents each summer.  We currently contract detasseling acres with Pioneer and Monsanto Seed companies.