Daily Updates

Daily Updates



July 23rd, 6:15pm:   

2017 Season: We are doing our best to manage our field demands with as many working buses as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

2017 Paychecks: Please remember you may have spent time working in either a Pioneer or Monsanto field. The first round of Pioneer checks have arrived. This check would solely be for hours worked on July 8th. The second round of checks have started to arrive for hours worked July 10 – 16 in Pioneer fields. If you are certain you worked a day during this time period, but do not see any hours or payment on your Pioneer check, then assume you worked in a Monsanto field (TA DET, INC) on those days. A common day this may have occurred for you would be July 13th and/or July 15th. Monsanto’s (TA DET, INC) first pay period will end July 23rd and information about those checks will be updated right here as soon as we have information.

2017 Monsanto Hours: Hours worked in Monsanto fields will be paid by TA DET, INC. These checks must be cashed within 60 days or they are void!
Please do not lose any paychecks! This is a hassle for both you and us. It’s not a simple process to get another check issued to you and you will be delayed in receiving your money. Buses 1 – 5 are predominantly dedicated to Monsanto fields, so those buses will have the most hours in Monsanto fields over the course of the season.

Bus Return Times: We are going to use text notification during the season for approximate return times of buses. To opt in for this free service (less your cell carrier plan for receiving texts) send a text message to 81010 with the text @busret
– You will then be prompted to reply with your full name.
– You will then be prompted to reply if you are a parent or student.
Please send an email with any issues you might be having with this notification or if you aren’t receiving notifications after you have opted in. Please continue checking here for updates on this option. Thanks

Buses that work Monday, July 24th:
Bus 1
Bus 2
Bus 3
Bus 4
Bus 5
Bus 6
Bus 7
Bus 10

Working buses will always be posted by 7pm nightly, during the season.


DO NOT BRING YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES TO THE FIELD. BRING AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! WE DO OUR BEST TO VIGILATLY MONITOR OUR CREWS, BUT THE REALITY IS THAT WE CAN’T SEE AND HEAR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. AILES DETASSELING IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WORKER’S PERSONAL ITEMS. We will not delay our buses leaving a field in order for a worker to go search for a lost electronic device. Our suggestion is to not bring cell phone out to the field or put them in a ziplock bag and carry them in a SECURE pocket on your person.


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